Breakable elements in True Combat

One of the cool feature in True Combat is the possibility to create breakable elements. It allow the player to destroy things. As usual, you can find the sources below:


Setting a breakable element


Define a breakable element in True Combat is quite easy. the steps are really simple. The first thing you need to do is to create a new func_breakable entity, like shown on this picture.


Then you will get a cube into the map and a new entite in the tree view. At this point you can click on the ” specific /arguments” panel for this entitie. like on this picture:

There is four type of breakable elements. Each type is defined by a number.

  • 0 = glass (default)
  • 1 = wood
  • 2 = bricks
  • 3 = ice

When the element breaks, it emit a sound. That’s why you have foor type of breakable element.
Of course you can set a wood box with a type of 0 ( glass ) but i never saw a piece of wood emit the sound of a broken glass…

So to set the type you want, you have to enter the number into the “Arg” cell of the “type” row.

Juste under “type” there is “health”. i know you already understand what it mean: you can set an amount of damage before the entities break. For a wooden box, 500 is a medium value. you should try by yourself.

You can also respawn the item by checking the respawn flag. then you have to define a duration before it respawn (the “wait” argument).

NOTE: unfortunately you cannot mix entities into another entities. This mean that you can’t create rotating door with breakable glass.

Cool! Now what?

What now what?
Now can destroy anything in a map; and that is fucking cool !

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