Complex shape: part 2

Arch marker is a really great tool. And also very simple to use. You can easily imagine complex structure with it. Personally i’m a fan of gothic architecture and as you know the archs is the base of gothic architecture. This new tutorial will show another way to use Arch marker in quark. Sometime i’m thinking about a cathedral; it could be fun to have a map in a gothic style!
Anyway, if you din’t see the first complex shape tutorial, you should take a look on it because this tutorial is based in it.

Now an important thing, in this video i didn’t much care of “caulk faces”. Why? Because when you watch a video, it’s a waste of time seeing me assign caulk texture. BUT you must assign caulk texture on each face of each poly that will never be seen by the player in game. THIS IS ULTRA IMPORTANT.

Okay as usual, you can dowload the sample file and the video.

This video show you anothway to build something using Arch marker. But i use a few other tool. Watch the video first to understand the explanation.

Playing with Arch marker


Cone over a face

The first tool new tool is called “Cone over a face”. I use it to build the roof. You can get it by a right click on a face. As it say it will create a cone. No matter how many side have the poly, it will creat a cone. Therefore if you always cut the poly at the same height, it will create a rounded shape of that poly to the top. This is important to know beacause arch marker don’t work with poly gons but only with cube!

Linear selection & glue to tagged

The second tool is called “Linear selection”

This tool alow you to transform homteticaly polygone OR selection. Because the transformation is on everything you select, you have to take care: the selection will not snap to the grid properly. This is not important the most of the time. But if you need that a face snap perfectly to another, you can cut that face or use the “glue to tagged” tool.

First select face

Then select the face you want to “Glue to tagged face” and click on that tool.

Cut and multiface

In the video, quark ask me a question when i want to cut a group of polygons. this question is realted the another tutorial. Adjust texture on many faces. Take a look on that toturiel to understand better what it mean. then make your test!


Wtf is that error python window?

Sometimes quark crash and have bugs. The most of the time this not important, but if your working on hudge map, you should save, exit and relauch quark. Errors can corrupt your file. Take carre and make backup of your backup !



Now all you have to do is to build a cathedral!

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